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What is a Progressive Agriculture Safety Day®?

Progressive Agriculture Safety Days® are as fun as they are educational. These one-day events teach children safety and health lessons that can keep them and those around them safe and healthy on a farm, on a ranch or at home.  Read More... 

What Does the Progressive Agriculture Foundation Provide?

Each year, the Progressive Agriculture Foundation provides a variety of support for communities selected to participate in the Progressive Agriculture Safety Day® program.  Read More... 

How Much Work is Involved in Conducting a Progressive Agriculture Safety Day®?

Once a coordinator attends a one and one-half day, in-person training session conducted by Foundation staff; the work of running a Progressive Agriculture Safety Day® falls on the local coordinator.  Read More... 

How Much Does it Cost to Hold a Safety Day?

The actual out-of pocket costs to put-on an individual safety day depend on the extent of activities planned and the in-kind donations that are available.  Read More... 

What Training is Required?

The lead coordinator is required to attend a training session for each year that they conduct a Progressive Agriculture Safety Day?.  Read More... 

How Can I Get Information on Farm Safety and Health?

The Progressive Agriculture Foundation only provides materials for those who are selected and attend training to take part in the Progressive Agriculture Safety Day® program. For farm safety and health information that you can use personally or in teaching others, contact:  Read More... 

How do I Apply?

Individuals and organizations interested in conducting a Progressive Agriculture Safety Day® for their community must complete an application each year that they participate in the program...  Read More... 

Program History

The idea for the Progressive Agriculture Safety Day® program began in the pages of a September 1990 issue of The Progressive Farmer magazine.  Read More... 

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