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Progressive Agriculture Safety Day® Program Classroom-based Delivery Mode
The Classroom-based delivery mode is primarily designed for elementary school-age children and geared toward an average classroom size of 25. This delivery mode spans over several days, weeks or even months without ever needing to leave the classroom setting.
The Classroom-based delivery mode includes the completion of at least four sessions, with each session focusing on one safety and health topic at a time. It is delivered by a trained PAF Safety Day coordinator utilizing the PAF Safety Day program's trusted, peer-reviewed curriculum complemented with hands-on, durable resource kits.
About the Delivery Mode
The Classroom-based delivery mode was officially unveiled in March 2022, after a pilot program, made possible in part by CHS Inc., took place during the 2021-2022 academic year. The pilot consisted of 22 individuals from 15 states trained as PAF Safety Day coordinators who reached hundreds of students to date. The idea behind the development of the Classroom-based delivery mode was remove barriers and develop an innovative approach to provide critical safety and health education to more children.
The Classroom-based delivery mode will not replace the PAF Safety Day program's long-standing, trusted, Community-based or School-based delivery modes. But instead, the Classroom-based delivery mode provides an additional avenue for the delivery of safety and health education to youth with a strong emphasis on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education.
Frequently Asked Questions
Learn More about the Classroom-based Delivery Mode
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