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  • "I have been interested in working on a project like this in our area for a long time. Thank you for providing me with the tools to do it! We could not have done this without Progressive Agriculture. Please know that you, the sponsors and others are all having a tremendous impact on so many lives. Thank you so much for this."
    -- Safety Day Coordinator
  • "A Safety Day participant had an occasion to use the 911 training the day after our Safety Day, when a neighbor child fell off his bike and hit his head on a concrete bridge abutment. There were no adults nearby. Josh got a cell phone, and called 911 and was able to give exact directions. He knew what to expect because of his Safety Day training. He also knew how to stop the bleeding thanks to the first aid session. The child needed 102 stitches, so Josh was sure a hero."
    -- Safety Day Coordinator
  • Question: What are you going to do to be safer at home or on the farm? "Never walk up to a horse without it knowing you’re there."
    -- 9-Year-Old Participant
  • "My husband farms--his birthday was right after the Safety Day--and for his birthday they [our children] gave him goggles, dust masks and chemical-resistant gloves. These were all the things they learned about at the Safety Day, and they also explained to him why he needed to use them."
    -- Parent
  • "This past week I had three sets of parents tell me their child told them they needed to get a life vest that fit them for Memorial Day weekend because of what they learned at Safety Day."
    -- Safety Day Coordinator
  • The most important thing I learned at Safety Day was: "Always take the time to turn the whole machine off before you work on your equipment."
    -- Teen Participant
  • "Teachers and administrative staff from the schools are already sending me correspondence requesting to attend next years Safety Day. The student evaluations show a positive response to what they learned at the Safety Day and how they will incorporate what the learned into their daily activities."
    -- Safety Day Coordinator
  • "After hearing the tractor rollover session, the way we do farming will be changed. We will get a ROPS for the tractor; and no one will ride on the tractor as an extra rider with me or Grandfather."
    -- Father who attended Safety Day with Son
  • Question: What are you going to do to be safer at home or on the farm? "Wear ear plugs around loud machinery."
    -- 14-Year-Old Participant
  • "It only took one phone call to ask the people on the program from last year to return and present a session this year."
    -- Safety Day Coordinator
  • "One of our participants rode with his Grandfather to cut down a tree that had fallen across a fence. While they were doing this chore, another tree fell on the grandfather, severing his spinal cord. The young man had been to Safety Day the year before and remembered to stay calm. He took the four-wheeler to the house and told his Grandmother to call 911. Although the Grandfather is paralyzed, the action saved his life."
    -- Safety Day Coordinators
  • "We firmly believe in what Safety Days are all about, and our sponsorship reflects Bunge’s commitment to not only promoting the safety and well-being of our employees but to extending this safety focus to our customers and the communities where we operate."
    -- Senior Vice President, Corporate and Legal Affairs, Bunge North America
  • Question: What are you going to do to be safer at home or on the farm? "I will make an evaluation plan for a fire."
    -- 10-Year-Old Participant
  • After attending a Safety Day, a 5-year-old’s dress caught on fire as she leaned over a Christmas candle. She ran a few steps and then remembered what to do. "She had learned how to stop, drop and roll from the Safety Day she went to last summer."
    -- Parent
  • "I am so thankful you did this for the fifth grade. Nobody ever cared about giving us a Safety Day. It’s like you are an angel who cares about everybody’s safety."
    -- Safety Day Participant
  • Question: What are you going to do to be safer at home or on the farm? "Pick up sticks before daddy mows the yard."
    -- 13-Year-Old Participant
  • Five brothers attended our Safety Day. A little more than a week later, late at night, their house was on fire. Sons Robert and Chris woke family members and helped them exit the house. Both boys said they learned what to do at our Safety Day."
    -- Safety Day Coordinator
  • Question: What are you going to do to be safer at home or on the farm? "Don’t play in the grain bin."
    -- 9-Year-Old Participant
  • "The safety tips helped our kids survive a tornado. They were home alone and they knew to get away from the windows and go to a neighbors after the storm had passed. Have Safety Day more often and worldwide!"
    -- Parent
  • "We don’t ride the lawnmower with more than one person now."
    -- Parent
  • "I told my family all the stuff that I learned. My Uncle who farms said he did not know most of the stuff."
    -- Safety Day Participant
  • "She is being very cautious around the equipment that we have. She makes sure she is seen by who is driving and stays her distance from them."
    -- Parent
  • "We believe that the next generation benefits from balanced support in areas of mind, body and spirit. We support these and other activities that keep our youth active, encourage critical thinking, nourish their spirit, and foremost, keep them safe."
    -- President & CEO, Agrium Inc.
  • "I’m going to tell Dad to make sure his tractors have a SMV sign."
    -- Safety Day Participant
  • Question: What are you going to do to be safer at home or on the farm? "At home I am not going to open the door to strangers."
    -- 10-Year-Old Participant
  • "The young ladies of Sigma Alpha did a fantastic job. My three children had a ball and learned some very important lessons at the same time. I still hear "Stop, Drop, and Roll", "don’t point a gun at anybody", "one seat one rider", etc. It was a HUGE success in my eyes."
    -- Parent and University Professor
  • "I’m going to learn my address, have evacuation plans."
    -- Safety Day Participant
  • "I’m going to tell my parents everything I learned so we’ll be safe together."
    -- Safety Day Participant
  • "I learned to wear boots when using any kind of mowing device. Not sandals. Also wear earplugs when you are around loud noises."
    -- Safety Day Participant
  • "It was great to see my students learning important safety information and having fun. This was the best field trip I’ve been on in the 12 years that I’ve been teaching."
    -- Teacher
  • "One of our older participants credits what he learned at Safety Day with saving his life. He was operating a tractor with a four-row ridger in a cornfield when the ridger struck a power pole, causing the power lines to fall on the tractor. The young man did what he learned at Safety Day -- he called for help on his cell phone and stayed inside the tractor cab until the power company arrived and turned off the power to the lines."
    -- Safety Day Coordinator
  • Question: What are you going to do to be safer at home or on the farm? "Always wear my helmet when I ride a bike."
    -- 10-Year-Old Participant
  • "I learned that when you ride on a four wheeler, lean forward if you are going up a hill and lean back if you’re going down a hill."
    -- Safety Day Participant
  • "Less than 24 hours after the close of the Safety Day one of our 8-year-old participants was riding his bicycle wearing the shiny new helmet he received at Safety Day. Suddenly he swerved onto the soft shoulder of the road and was thrown head first over the handle bars into a pile of rock and gravel. He came riding home, under his own power, upset because he had ‘messed-up’ his new helmet. His family is convinced that at the very least he was spared several stitches and some nasty scrapes and bruises. Was the Safety Day worth the cost? Worth the time? Worth the sacrifice of so many? You bet it was! One little boy on a sunny Sunday afternoon proved it."
    -- Safety Day Coordinator
  • "The local ag businesses are very proud to say they helped prevent farm injuries to the children of their customers."
    -- Safety Day Coordinator
  • "... My son said he will go on strike until we get roll-over protection on our little tractor. The kids learn more than we realize and will teach their parents."
    -- Parent and Safety Day Coordinator
  • "Our Progressive Agriculture Safety Day has really grown into a huge event in our county. The entire school system and county businesses really stay involved."
    -- Safety Day Coordinator
  • "Stay the course, great as is."
    -- Safety Day Coordinator
  • "I want to thank you for conducting the Progressive Agriculture Safety Day in San Angelo, Texas. I believe the training my son received there may have saved his life or at least saved him from serious injury. While spraying johnson grass in milo, he stepped down from the tractor about 2 feet from a rattlesnake. Very calmly he alerted his coworker and carefully eased away. I am certain that without the excellent snake training he received at Safety Day, he would not have remained so calm and would have had a much greater chance of being bitten."
    -- Mother of Older Teen Participant
  • "Hosting this event is probably my favorite day of the year. The kids are getting so much education, but they’re having so much fun! The impact is huge. From the Progressive Ag staff to the national sponsors, they’re helping us do what we couldn’t do alone a the local level."
    -- Safety Day Coordinator
  • Question: What are you going to do to be safer at home or on the farm? "Tell my mom and dad to ride with a seatbelt and to change the smoke alarm."
    -- 11-Year-Old Participant
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Results of our Program Evaluations
To ensure that the Progressive Agriculture Safety Day® is of the highest quality and effectiveness, the University of Alabama Institute for Social Science Research has conducted numerous program evaluations since 1999. One study funded by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), compared children who participated in a safety day with a comparison group of children who did not participate. Children were tested before and after the safety day, and they were interviewed three months and one year following the safety day. In addition, safety day coordinators, volunteers, and parents of participants also completed surveys or interviews. Results showed the following outcomes:
  • Safety day participants increased their safety knowledge between the pretest and posttest more than children who did not participate in a safety day – gains were found both for participants and non-participant comparison groups; however, participants’ gains were significantly larger one-year later than the gains of non-participants.
  • Safety day participants decreased their risky behavior following participation in a safety day to a greater extent than children who did not participate in a safety day.
  • Self-reported injuries decreased among safety day participants
  • There were significant increases in safety knowledge and decreases in exposure to risk for both boys and girls.
  • The increases in knowledge were apparent for both farm and non-farm children.
  • Children of all ages benefited with significant increases in knowledge and decreases in risky behaviors for participants of all ages, from 8 to 13.
  • Variations in the characteristics of safety day instruction, such as length of sessions, number of sessions, and number of children per group, did not affect the overall findings.
  • Over half of the parents of participants were able to cite a way in which the safety day helped make their child safer, and nearly one quarter reported that they made a safety related change in their family after the safety day.
  • Safety messages also spread throughout the community via the volunteers. Two-thirds of volunteers said they learned new safety information while volunteering, and two-thirds said they planned to make safety-related changes in their own homes. Over 90% of volunteers said the experience was rewarding and over 80% said they would like to participate again.
  • Parents reported high levels of satisfaction and would recommend that others families send their children to safety day.
  • Indirect benefits of the safety day in a community include enhanced safety awareness of the wider community, as well as enhanced community strength and cohesiveness resulting from the cooperation of many individuals and organizations in achieving a common goal.
  • An additional study, also funded by NIOSH, confirmed a number of these results and further showed that printed booster materials sent to participants several months following the safety day enhanced the retention of knowledge gains compared to those who did not receive booster materials.
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