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FS4JK Educational Resources
These educational materials were originally developed by Farm Safety For Just Kids (FS4JK) and are now assets maintained by the Progressive Agriculture Foundation.
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Animal Safety
Animal Safety Booklet
Individual Lesson Plans
Animal Attitude Continuum
Animal Fences
Animal Habits
Animal Health Tic-Tac-Toe
Animal Telephone
Animals and Noise
Approaching Animals Safely
Emergency Preparedness
Healthy Animal Medications
Instinctive Animals
Leading Livestock
Manure Jeopardy
Owning Animals
Protective Equipment
Reading Animal Language
Recognize the Dangers
Riding Safely
Safe Animal Handling
Size Differences
Wearing the Right Shoes
Wild Animal Safety
Individual Puzzles
Animal Bingo
Animal Detectives
Animal Handling Crossword 1
Animal Handling Crossword 2
Animal Housing Crossword 1
Animal Housing Crossword 2
Dots to Dots
Health and Hygiene Crossword 1
Health and Hygiene Crossword 2
Horse Safety Crossword 1
Horse Safety Crossword 2
Kids and Animals Crossword 1
Kids and Animals Crossword 2
Know It Show It Coloring Page
Paw Identification
Pet Safety Crossword 1
Pet Safety Crossword 2
Riding Off Into the Sunset
Signs of Danger
Wild Animal Crossword 1
Wild Animal Crossword 2
Additional Resources
Animal Safety Demonstration Ideas
Livestock Safety
ATV Safety
ATV Safety Booklet
Individual Lesson Plans
ATV Helmets
ATV Tires
ATV Trivia
Center of Gravity
Funny or Dangerous
Individual Puzzles
Answer Keys
ATV Match Up
ATV Mixer
Chore Puzzle
Dots to Dots
Find and Seek
In The News
Line Em Up
Secret Safety Code 1
Secret Safety Code 2
Additional Resources
ATV Demonstration Ideas
ATV Safety
ATV Safety For Parents
ATV Safety For Students
Chemical Safety
Chemical Safety Booklet
Individual Lesson Plans
Accuracy When Working With Chemicals
Attitudes Toward Chemical Use
Chemical Advertising
Chemical Look-A-Likes
Chemicals Abound
Chemicals Can Be Anywhere And Everywhere
Difficult Decisions About Chemical Use
Emergency Preparedness
Proper Containers
Reading Chemical Labels
Recycling Chemical Containers
Risk Mapping
Washing Contaminated Clothing
Individual Puzzles
Answer Keys
Chemical Bingo
Chemical Dominoes
Chemical Square Eights
Chemical Windowboxes
Coded Chemical Message
Coloring Page - Livestock
Coloring Page - Locations
Rural Chemical Crossword
Rural Chemical Scramble
Rural Chemical Word Find
The Proctection Solution
What's Different
Additional Resources
Chemical Demonstration Ideas
Chemical Safety
Chemical Safety Fact Sheet
Grain Safety
Grain Safety Booklet
Individual Lesson Plans
Grain Type Affects Breathing
Grain's Weight
Gravity's Pull
Lungs Need Space
Individual Puzzles
Answer Keys
Dot to Dots
Grain Mixer
Grain Sudoku
Grain's Pull Crossword
Secret Safety Code
Word Find
Additional Resources
Harvest Safety
Rural Roadway Safety
Rural Roadway Safety Booklet
Individual Lesson Plans
Attitude Influences Behavior
Big vs Small
Braking for Safety
Creative Messaging
Don't Be A Human Projectile
It Costs How Much
Seat Belt Sanity
Watch for Slow Pokes
Individual Puzzles
Answer Keys
Coloring Page
Crossword Puzzle
Rural Road Solution
Window Boxes
Word Find
Additional Resources
Rural Roadway Demonstration Ideas
Rural Roadway Fact Sheet
Transporting Machinery Safety
Tractor Safety
Tractor Safety Booklet
Individual Lesson Plans
Drive Head Over Wheels
Seatbelt Safety
Slow Moving Vehicle Emblems
Tractor Hazards
Tractor Safety Attitude Continuum
Tractor Stability
Working Youth
Individual Puzzles
Answer Keys
From Start to Finish
Hazard Match Up
Keep It Safe Coloring Page
No Extra Riders Coloring Page
No Extra Riders Crossword
PTO Crossword
ROPS Crossword
Rural Roadway Crossword
Safe Fun in the Sun Coloring Page
Safe Operation
Safe Tractor Ride Coloring Page
Secret Safety Code
Sudoku Puzzles
Tractor Bingo
Tractor Detectives
Tractor Falls Crossword
Tractor Square Eights
Tractor Windowboxes
Additional Resources
No Rider Safety
PTO Safety
Tractor Roll Over Safety
Tractor Safety Demonstration Ideas
Appropriate Tasks for Kids
Cold Weather Safety
Electrical Safety
Emergency Services
Ergonomic Safety
Fire Safety
Hearing Safety
Heat Stress
Lawn Mower Safety
Manure Safety
Play Area Safety
Power Tool Safety
Respiratory Safety
Slips, Trips and Falls
Sun Safety
Water Safety
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